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TWP's Jo Hendrickx is accompanied by the BBC at World Travel Market, London

November 2018

TWP Founder Jo Hendrickx was thrilled to be approached to feature in the BBC's 'Rip Off Britain - Holidays' as the presenters looking into the issues of single-use plastic in holiday destinations.

Exhibitors at the show included Water-To-Go, a company that has created a range of filter bottles that enable travellers to fill up from any fresh water source and drink with the piece of mind that 99.9% of pathogenic material is removed from the water.  The crew filmed the bottle in action, attracting the attention of a large number of other visitors.

The filter bottle not only reduces the use of single use plastic water bottles but helps its users to save money.

Also at the exhibition were Seaside Hotels, a collection of luxury hotels in the Canary Islands who also recognise the importance of taking single-use plastics out of operations and the challenges of doing this without compromising the guest experience or the health and safety expectations of Tour Operators.

Jo was able to obtain feedback on a number of alternatives to single use plastic such as Turtle Straws, shampoo cubes and bars and reusable bottles - all of which were well received.

Jo is regularly a speaker at World Travel Market and has been visiting the event for 10 years although this was definitely rated as a highlight of her career to date.

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