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BBC News Channel covers IHG elimination of miniature toiletries

TWP Founder Jo Hendrickx was invited to give her opinion on the news that IHG is eliminating around 200 million miniature bathroom amenities from 843,000 guest rooms by 2021

Travel Without Plastic has, for a long time, championed the removal of miniature toiletries from hotel bathrooms in favour of taking unnecessary toiletries away completely, switching to refillable toiletries that can be wall mounted and dispensed, (ideally with packaging made from recycled content) or even finding suppliers that work on a more circular economy model that we take empties away, wash, refill and return them.  Luxe Refill and Plaine Products provide some inspiration in this area in the US.

Another great option for hotels is to create a new income stream by offering plastic free toiletries for sale to guests, helping them to tread more lightly on the environment and continue their plastic free journey long after their stay.  With the rise in popularity of shampoo and conditioner bars and cubes, this is now quite easy to implement.  Additionally, many suppliers of such products can be found local to hotels depending upon your destination.  

Whatever you do, use innovative communications to let your guests know WHY you are making the changes and HOW they can support your efforts to reduce unnecessary single use. 


Find out more about the IHG commitment in the news here

Listen to our full interview with the BBC by clicking on the image below

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