Keepers of the Coast

The mission of Keepers of the Coast is to create an active community that will work together to ensure that the coastal systems of North East Florida will remain a beautiful part of our local environment and provide a safe place for coastal residents to recreate for future generations. 

Keepers of the Coast began as a small group of residents concerned about local conservation issues, specifically those affecting the beaches and oceans so important to the founding members.  It was decided that the top funding priorities would be to focus on coastal education and stewardship projects.  

To that end, Keepers of the Coast set out to organize the first annual Sea Turtle Education Festival.  The positive community response to the Sea Turtle Festival further instilled in founding members’ minds how educating the public is one part of conservation work, but actually conducting stewardship is another piece of the puzzle that’s just as important.  


Keepers of the Coast then organized beach cleanups prior to and during the sea turtle nesting season to further engage the community in playing an active part in caring for the local beaches, not only for their own recreational enjoyment but also to the benefit of the coastal wildlife that utilizes this important habitat.  


We've also supported a multitude of small education or conservation projects including, installation of cigarette butt containers at beach parks, bringing Title I students to the beach for a day of learning, supporting 4H Marine Ecology programs, and providing education to area summer camps.

Keepers of the Coast is always in the process of further developing its long-term plan of action.  With so many items on the conservation“to do” list it’s definitely a large task!  With that said we are embarking on a new initiative to bring sustainability to North Florida.  We will continue to enhance the daily choices we make about plastics, decreasing our dependency on one time water bottles, and to bring sustainability to area events.


If you feel you can contribute in the future development of Keepers of the Coast, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you