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Travel  Without Plastic was delighted to work together with Turismo de Portugal to adapt and translate a range of our #LetsReduceSingleUse Tools to the Portuguese context.

Thanks to the support of Turismo de Portugal and the Portuguese Environmental Fund, the “Sustainable Tourism: a better future for everyone” project has enabled the following documents to be made available free of charge to Portuguese Tourism Businesses.  

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Guia de Comunicação para o Alojamento Turístico

This Guide is designed to help hoteliers communicate sustainability activities with guests.  Written together with renowned author Jeremy Smith, the Guide includes our Top 20 insights into communicating sustainability

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Guia de Como Reduzir os Plásticos de Uso Único para o Alojamento Turístico

Originally published by Travel Without Plastic in 2018 and updated annually, the guide has been adapted and translated to the Portuguese context.  It provides detailed advice and recommendations to help accommodation providers reduce or eliminate single-use plastic from operations. 

Lets Reduce Single Use Guide for Accommo

Lista de Verificação de Autoavaliação

The self-assessment checklist for accommodation providers covers 12 operational areas and is designed to help you identify where plastic is being used in your business. 

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Guia de Como Reduzir os Plásticos de Uso Único para os Operadores Turísticos

This guide is specifically aimed at Tour Operators and suppliers of Activities and Excursions.  It identifies the four circles of influence where you can make the most impact upon single-use plastic reduction within your value chain and provides practical ideas and examples. 

Tour Operator Guide (Portugal) Front Cov

6 x Procedimentos Operacional Padrão y 3 x Dicas

With the technical input from Health and Safety Experts at Intertek Cristal, we have created a range of Standard Operating Procedures to help you implement new processes and to avoid unnecessary single-use plastic products.  Short 'Top Tips' Guides will help you to make more informed purchasing decisions if you do need to replace single-use plastic with other products. 

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For Turismo de Portugal, it is a great opportunity to work with Travel Without Plastic in order to increase awareness in Portuguese tourist professionals regarding the reduction of single-use plastic, help them find better solutions for the environment and really make the difference in achieving an even more sustainable destination – that’s our path.

Teresa Ferreira

Departamento de Dinamização da Oferta e dos Recursos

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