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Interactive E-Learning is a great way to reach people when workshops and in-person training are more difficult organise  

Whether your staff are working from home or you want to give them the flexibility to include learning into their daily work schedules, e-learning enables people to take courses in bit-size chunks.

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Target Audience: Global

Hotels and Accommodation Providers


What will you learn?

  • How to avoid single-use plastic being the default option for 'hygiene'

  • Prioritising processes over products to cut down on single use

  • Why wrapping everything in single-use film isn't the answer

  • How to feel confident that you are meeting hygiene expectations and providing great customer service whilst cutting out plastic

  • Creating confidence amongst your customers through clear communications

  • Future-proofing your business to reduce waste

This e-learning was co-created with the technical expertise of Intertek Cristal and with ongoing support from as part of a Greener Guest Initiative

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Target Audience: Bonaire

Hotels and Accommodation Providers

Excursion and Attraction Providers

Tourism Sector Entrepreneurs



What will you learn?

  • Why single-use plastic is a growing problem for Bonaire´s environment, well-being, wildlife and tourism industry

  • How to implement processes that keep you safe without creating waste

  • How to measure and reduce single-use plastic consumption in your business

  • Why it is important to communicate with local customers and international tourists 

  • How to implement policies that reduce waste and create new opportunities to diversify the local economy

  • Practical, affordable and inspirational examples to start or accelerate your plastic reduction journey

This e-learning was co-created with Boneiru Duradero.  Beyond Plastics is an initiative supported by WWF-NL

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What I liked about working with Jo and Rachel from Travel Without Plastic is that they were very flexible and accommodating to me as the client. The Beyond Plastics Online Learning Module turned out exactly the way I wanted.

TWP offers more than consultancy, they offer a partnership, and they are equally invested in the success of the project. As in all projects, there were some bumps in the road, but Jo and Rachel are solution-oriented and adapt to the challenges they are confronted with… true professionals! 

Sharon Bol, WWF-NL & Boneiru Duradero

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Target Audience: UK

Hospitality Businesses and Individuals


What will you learn?

This scheme provides training on the work of the National Park Authority, as well as a deeper understanding of the region’s Special Qualities to explain why Eryri is exceptional.

The 13 modules cover:

  • Sustainable tourism and Yr Wyddfa

  • Diverse landscapes and community cohesion

  • Welsh language, arts, historic landscapes and renowned geology

  • Important habitats and species, plastic-free mountain status

It's been great to work with Jo and Travel Without Plastic on this brand new model for the Eyri Ambassador Programme.  The module is inspired by the previous scoping work undertaken to evaluate different options for designating Yr Wyddfa as a plastic-free zone and works as a toolkit for hospitality businesses to reduce their single-use plastics.  The module is full of tips and excpetional advice for businesses on becoming greener. 

Catrin Glyn, Yr Wyddfa Partnership Officer

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If you would like us to help you design a bespoke e-learning course on plastic reduction in the tourism sector, please contact us directly on