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Achieving goals is easier and more fun when you do it together!
We believe that we are all have a part to play and by collaborating with like-minded organisations around the world, we leverage a range of skills and networks so that together, we are able to create an EVEN BIGGER impact.
Global Impact, Local Context
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Assert, The Gambia

The Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Responsible Tourism  (ASSERT ) is a member organisation supporting small business in Gambia become more profitable by being more responsible.

Our goal is to work toward an environmentally beneficial tourism product which has at its core the interests of our country and it’s custodians.

To this end we have created a Member Assessment Program, (MAP) which develops into a tailor made roadmap for our members sustainable future success.  Travel Without Plastic’s Let's Reduce Single-Use Tool Kit is an integral part of our MAP and we fully endorse and share their vision for plastic free tourism

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Full Circle Resource Management, Florida

Full Circle Resource Management, LLC. is a full-service sustainability consulting firm located in St. Augustine, Florida providing guidance on sustainable practices for businesses, resorts, community associations, and golf clubs.

Sustainability is becoming an integral part of facilities where visitors are looking to enrich their stay.  Guests increasingly search for businesses that provide an alternative to the usual standard in travel and leisure time. 

Our goal is to improve the positive impact the organizations we work with have on the planet while helping them to expand their client base and increase their profit. 

We are delighted to be partnering with Travel Without Plastic as our goals are very much aligned and despite being in different countries, we can work as one to create positive change.

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Greener Guest, International

Greener Guest is an online e-commerce and education site dedicated to helping hospitality businesses make more informed purchasing decisions.  

The e-commerce portal features a range of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic plus energy and water saving products and services.  Each product is vetted by the Greener Guest team to ensure its integrity in terms of environmental and social impacts.

The Greener Guest education portal is a fantastic resource with downloadable guidance, supplier stories and an e-learning course specifically focused on reducing single-use plastic.

Green Key logo with text.jpg
Green Key, International

Green Key is the world’s leading certification programme for hotels, hostels, campsites, holiday parks, restaurants, conference centres and tourism attractions with more than 3,200 awarded establishments in 65 countries (August 2020).


The award is based on compliance with a strict set of criteria within the areas of environmental management, environmental awareness and social responsibility. Several criteria encourage reduction of the use of plastic in the hospitality industry. Green Key’s criteria for hotels and hostels are internationally recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Green Key’s application, audit and award process is standardised and include regular on-site audits and third-party verification of the award.


Green Key is managed by the international charity, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and its national member organisations.

Logo LBEC transparent.png
Lightblue Environmental Consulting, Thailand
LightBlue is a consulting firm with the vision to reconcile business excellence with sustainable practices and outstanding ROI.
We have built a unique expertise in food waste prevention based on a cross-disciplinary approach with the right twist of technology.
We design and implement solutions to cut operational expenses, increase employees’ efficiency and loyalty, as well as to improve the reputation of organizations operating more responsibly.
Travelife, International

Travelife is a leading global sustainability programme which helps its Members create better places to live, work and visit by providing practical tools and processes to improve their environmental and social impacts. Their GSTC-recognised standard was designed by the industry, for the industry and Travelife works with some of the biggest outbound UK and European tour operators to help them increase the number of sustainable hotels in their supply chain. From small guest houses in remote villages to large 5-star resorts, any accommodation can improve their business by becoming Travelife Certified.

Travelife are delighted to team up with Travel Without Plastic and fully support their approach to help hotels and accommodations minimise or eliminate single-use plastics.

Canary Green Green Logo.png

Canary Green is a sustainable nonprofit organization based in the Canary Islands, Spain. Through our work with local businesses, we highlight the importance of sustainability and green living with the aim to raise awareness of eco-friendly options available for tourists visiting the islands. 

We help people adopt sustainable practices in their day to day life through our online content, webinars, and sustainable networking events. We also advise local businesses, mainly in the tourism sector, on how they can work on boosting their green credentials and provide tourists with a sustainable alternative. 

Through our social media and online presence we are an agent for change within the Canary Islands. Positive messaging and engaging projects are the driving force behind our hard work and dedication for this project.  

Logo Refill Ambassadors-01.png

Refill Ambassadors is a non-profit organisation based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We believe in collaborations so we are happy to connect individuals and refill organisations all over the world.


Do you want to establish a refill station for your business? Or become a refill ambassador yourself?   We help you to kickstart your refill dreams. 

If you'd like to work in partnership with us, please email us on

and tell us more about what you do and why you'd be a great fit. 

We'd love to hear from you. 

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