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Despite the plastic straw bans in so many countries, many businesses are still using single-use plastic straws in drinks.  Checking trip advisor for the word "plastic straw" throws up so many negative comments from guests, often it is the cause of businesses not getting a 5*review. 


There are so many alternatives available on the market now that businesses really have a great choice.


This mini guide covers everything you need to know about reducing the consumption of single-use straws no matter what the material, therefore saving you money, and also it goes into the operational considerations for reusable straws, how to ensure they're hygienic and how to get your guests to readily accept them.



Replacing single-use plastic straws

3,99 €Prix
    • The pros and cons of single-use plastic straws
    • How your hotel can be part of the solution to reducing pollution from straws
    • What is the best alternative for your business including the pros and cons of different materials from edible straws to bamboo, glass and stainless steel
    • Why customers sometimes think reusable straws are unhygienic and what you can do about it
    • Straws checklist
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