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Recently updated to include the most up-to-date recommendations to reduce plastic AND meet hygiene expectations.

The most comprehensive Guide to reducing single-use plastics in the hotel and accommodation industry that could save your business thousands and even help you to create new income streams.


Designed to appeal to a wide business demographic from boutique to All-Inclusive we've packed it with practical, affordable and inspirational recommendations for changes across all operational areas:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Guest Rooms and Housekeeping
  • Reception and Commercial
  • Purchasing
  • Conferences and Events
  • Gardens and Maintenance
  • Gyms, Spas and Wellness


From quick wins that completely eliminate the plastics used purely out of habit to longer term considerations that may require investment and prioritise processes over products.  We've put 20 years' of practical expertise into one place to save you significant time and energy in finding out what we already know and what works for other hotels like yours.  We work closely with Intertek Cristal, a global health, safety and hygiene company, to ensure that our advice helps you to meet guest and tour operator expectations.  



  • No cost and low cost alternatives per operational area
  • How to avoid changing to alternatives that actually have an even worse environmental impact - not all the greener options are as green as they seem!
  • Finally understand the meaning of compostable, biodegradable, recyclable and other marketing terminology
  • How to make changes that still comply with health, safety and guest expectations


The ideal companion whether you're just starting on your plastic free initiatives or looking for more ideas to take changes to the next level.





Let's Reduce Single-Use, The Plastics Guide for Hotels

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  • Adventure Travel Trade Association

    Thanks to pioneers such as Travel Without Plastic, the travel industry has access to thoughtful resources which provide insight and direction to businesses around the globe who are interested in eliminating single-use plastics from their operations. The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is committed to doing its part by collaborating with industry partners to distribute educational materials to a wider audience and is grateful for the work Travel Without Plastic has undertaken to share its experience and expertise with the travel community.

    Amy Brown, ATTA


    Seaside Hotels

    Seaside Hotels is delighted to work together with Travel Without Plastic on a specific project for our hotels based in the Canary Islands. As part of our commitment to reducing the unnecessary use of resources we are grateful to have the in-depth knowledge of the Travel Without Plastic team to help us move forward and expand our sustainability programme. The Let's Reduce Single-Use assets to engage staff and to increase awareness have proved invaluable to communicating our strategy and we look forward to continuing to implement their recommendations.

    Astrid Van Wijk
    Commercial and Marketing Director

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