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When hotels talk about bathroom amenities they often think of miniature shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, but so much unnecessary waste and cost to your business comes from dry bathroom amenities.


The hospitality industry created the "requirement" for dry bathroom amenities but if we're all really honest with ourselves, many of them are either poor quality or completely unnecessary in a world where customers are increasingly concerned about waste.


Removing them can feel insurmountable, or it can come from a fear of complaints, but often it just takes a little bit of creative thinking and some good customer communications to cut costs and reduce waste. 



Single-Use Plastic Dry Bathroom Amenities

3,99 €Prix
    • The truth about what hotel guests think about slippers
    • Engaging the housekeeping team to find out what's really going on in guest rooms
    • 4 potential strategies for changes
    • Are non-plastic alternatives really any greener?
    • Are suppliers blinding you with marketing tactics?
    • Helpful communications ideas to get guests on board with change
    • How to approach changing your brand standards
    • Dry bathroom amenities checklist
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