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Not all alternatives are as green as they seem!


Almost every hotelier we speak to is frustrated and if they're really honest, confused by all the different alternatives to single-use plastic that are coming onto the market.  Most managers don't have time to investigate all the pros and cons of alternative materials and find themselves making decisions they later regret. 


One thing that constantly annoys us at TWP is that hotels with the best intentions often make poor choices because of the way alternative products are sold to them.  Words like "bio" and "eco-friendly" sound great but they mean nothing unless suppliers tell you WHY they're marketing them like this.


What is the point in solving one problem only to find you've created another.  When we work directly with hotels we can do a lot of this for them, but if you just need some quick reference material to make sure that you're not paying more money for unsuitable alternatives then this mini guide is for you.  

Useful Definitions and Avoiding Greenwash

3,99 €Prix
    • How to identify potential greenwashing claims
    • Certification and labels
    • The most common challenges for hotels and how to overcome them
    • Definitions of recyclable, compostable, biodegradable.....
    • The 7 types of plastic you need to be aware of
    • Top Tips to correct disposal of products
    • Pros and Cons of alternative materials
    • Greeenwash checklist
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