Refill My Bottle Bali

One of the biggest challenges for travellers looking to reduce or eliminate plastic bottles is knowing where they can fill up with clean, potable drinking water.  Making it easy for them to identify local businesses that offer refills is absolutely key so we love this app and congratulate everyone who has played a part in making this happen!

Refill My Bottle Bali is a group of sustainable businesses on Bali that teamed up to create a network of water refill stations initially on the island called Refill Bali. It was an initiative to make Bali a refillable island – in which filling up your water bottle from one of the refill stations is an everyday thing. We then got approached by neighbouring islands and other countries and decide to change the name to RefillMyBottle.

Be it a hotel, a shop, warung or retreat business, these mindful businesses offer traveler a refill of clean water from a gallon or Nazava water filter. RefillMyBottle is a great showcase of the tourist industry making a commitment to preserving Bali’s eco-system.

To map the initiative, RefillMyBottle has published an easily accessible google map of all places where you can refill your water bottle. Check the map to find the location of the nearest refill point or look for the RefillMyBottle sticker in the window to refill your bottle!