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The Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit makes it easy for hotels and accommodation providers to take practical steps to reduce unnecessary single-use plastic consumption, track and record progress, engage staff and communicate with guests. 


The step-by-step manual includes everything you need to start or accelerate your progress.  It makes it easy for you to follow the processes and strategies that successful businesses are using to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic from their operations. 

The Let's Reduce Single-Use Guide has over 100 pages of practical, affordable and inspirational advice about HOW to make changes across all operational areas from guest rooms to housekeeping, food and beverage to spa and wellness.  It includes a separate chapter on how to meet hygiene standards and avoid single-use plastic that has been written with the input of H&S Experts Intertek Cristal.   

The Self-Assessment Checklist is a great way to identify where single-use plastic products are used in your business and the Worksheets will help you to calculate associated consumption, costs and identify WHY single-use plastic products are being used so that you can start to think about changes to processes and procedures.  

Standard Operating Procedures for Straws, Remote Controls, Cleaning, Tea/Coffee Service, Condiments, Toiletries and Water Dispensers will help you to feel confident that changes can be made without negatively impacting upon the guest experience or hygiene standards.

The Sustainable Communications Guide was written by renowned author Jeremy Smith and includes his 20 top tips for communicating sustainability and strategies for communicating with customers before, during and after their stay.  

The Event Planner has captured key environmental and social dates in a calendar to help you plan for events and incorporate these into your monthly communications schedule

Feedback Form Templates provide inspiration for gathering feedback from guests so that you can find out if your changes are making a difference.

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The Let's Reduce Single-Use Toolkit includes:

  • Let´s Reduce Single Use Manual and Guide for accommodation providers

  • Self-Assessment Checklist

  • Worksheets to  identify Consumption & Costs

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Workshop Plans

  • Sustainable Communications Guide

  • Event Planner

  • Feedback Forms

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