Travelers Against Plastic

We're really inspired by the work that TAP is doing to raise awareness with travellers and travel companies about the impacts of bottled water in the destinations that we love to visit, and we truly share their vision to eliminate plastic water bottles from the travel experience. 

TAP is the brain child of the staff of Crooked Trails, a non-profit tourism organization based in the US.

Their goal is the near elimination of travelers dependence on disposable plastic water bottles.

Working with tour operators, accommodations and travelers, TAP encourages people to travel, prepared to clean their own water. 


TAP partnered with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) to undertake vital research into the use of single use plastic on travel holidays, particularly the use of plastic bottles.  

Adventure Travel takes people off the beaten track where it can be difficult to access water, but ensuring that people are equipped with their own purification methods before travel can make a world of difference.